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Josephine Hart

"Poetry has never let me down. Without poetry, I would have found life less comprehensible, less bearable and infinitely less enjoyable."

— Josephine Hart

Irish Novelist, Writer

1942 - 2011


Reading is a habit that many of us cultivated at a very young age.  And most of us would admit that reading has helped us through some difficult times in our lives.  What do you read?  Poetry?  Novels?  Biographies?  History?  Memoirs?  Reading has brought me much comfort during my life.  Without reading I would have been a much different person.  Reading has opened my heart and shown me many worlds.  I remember once while I was in college of going to a restaurant late at night and reading poetry aloud for the shocked customers.

Creative Practice

Read aloud  one of your favorite poems for family and friends to hear.

About the Novelist

Josephine Hart who was born in 1942 in Ireland.  She wrote six novels and hosted public readings of poetry.


Here is a video of Hart discussing her novel, Damage.

Biography Sources:

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