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Term Life Insurance Quotes- Positive Sayings for Decision Making

These are some positive quotes for anyone who is thinking about getting term life insurance.  Doing research can help you to make the right decision.

“While a whole life program isn't a bad thing, a term life policy can be purchased for much less.” Christopher Pascal

“With term life insurance, one can purchase a million-dollar policy, which would more than help just about any family in the event of a tragic loss. While doing so, the money that would have been spent funding a policy so much smaller can be invested to grow to nearly twice the amount of the whole life alternative.” Christopher Pascal

“Term insurance is the most straightforward form of protection. You generally pay premiums on a monthly or annual basis and your family is protected for that "term".

Term Life Insurance is right for you if you want:
  • An affordable way to get maximum coverage
  • To cover specific financial responsibilities like a mortgage or college expenses
  • To supplement your Permanent Life Insurance during periods when coverage needs are higher, such as family-growing, mortgage-paying years”

“An accurate quote is based on a number of personal factors. The healthier you are, the lower your rates are likely to be.”

“Life insurance is something to consider, regardless of your age. Rather than thinking it's morbid, look at life insurance as a smart way to plan for others so they're not left floundering.”

“Term life insurance is the least expensive and simplest form of insurance. The premium dollars you pay to buy this insurance cover the “mortality costs” — the likelihood that you will die this year.” Terry Savage

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